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Our Diorama Display
This is the Diorama display in
which we show our Egyptian
products at the various shows
and sales we attend. You may
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  The following items are gold painted metals to finish up or add the fine details to your setting.

Miniature Sphinx
These miniature Sphinx are only 3/4" long, 1/4" wide, 1/4" high. Cost is $2.50 each (Item WO-Sphnx)

Sphinx Bookends These Sphinx bookends are 7/8" long, 5/8" tall and 3/8" deep, and come in pairs. Cost per pair is $5.00 (Item WO-SpnxBk)

The Nefretiti Bust is 5/8" tall, cost $2.50 (Item WO-Nef)

Egyptian Plaque
This Egyptian Plaque is 15/16" square, cost $3.50 (Item WO-EgyPl)

Mask Plaque

The Mask Plaque is 3/4" high by 11/16" at the widest. Cost $2.50 (Item WO-SphnxBust)
This gold plated pewter King's Throne Jewelry Box is 2 1/2" high and is priced at $34.00 (Item 3472) Egyptian Cat
Egyptian Cat - This lovely piece is made of resin and is 3" tall - $10.00 Now! Special purchase price - $6.00 (Item ET-CatBlGld)
Hand Painted Scribe

The Hand-Painted Scribe is 3 1/4" tall. Lovely piece for $12.50 (Item ET-5107)
This gold plated pewter King Tut Bust is 2" tall. It is $15.00 (Item 6151)
Isis - Another lovely piece, also made of resin, is 3 1/8" tall - $7.50 (ET-5114C)
Lion Goddess
Lion Goddess - 3 3/8" tall
(Item ET-5114B) $7.50

  Item ET-5103A
 Item ET-5103B
   Item ET-5103C
  Item ET-5103D
These four scribes were originaly in basalt. Here they are 3" tall painted resin. Each is $8.00

King Ramses Offering   2 3/4" High x 5 1/2" Long
Resin   $10.00   (Item ET-5114)

Blue Hippo   1 1/2" High x 3" Long
Painted Resin   $10.00   (Item 5170)

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