Ordering from The Wild Orchid

     You may simply list the items you wish to purchase, including any item numbers that may be indicated, and send to us the most convenient way (fax, mail, e-mail). We have prepared an order blank which can be printed from your browser and used to itemize your order and then can then be forwarded on to us by fax or mail. If you order by e-mail and use a credit card, we recommend that you send partial credit card information in three different e-mails for security reasons.
     For all orders, shipping is $7.00 (domestic orders) unless otherwise specified. This is a flat rate, for one or more items. If one of the items you order specifies a larger amount for shipping, the larger amount is considered the flat rate
     Iowa residents, add 6% sales tax.
     Send name, address, phone number, item(s) wanted, along with payment (check, money order, PayPal, or VISA/MasterCard information - name on card, number and exp. date) for the total amount including shipping to:

The Wild Orchid
22957 - 280th St.
Adel, IA 50003-4491

Phone: (515) 993-4841
Fax: (call first)
E-mail: OrchidMini@aol.com

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