Egyptian Bronzes, Plus
from The Wild Orchid

These lovely pieces from England are primarily Egyptian items plus a few other interesting pieces which are not bronzes. They are not necessarily one inch scale but most are close enough to be useable. The height of each piece is noted to give you further guidance. We also have other Egyptian Miniatures you may want to check along with an Egyptian School Project.

Mini Bronzes These beautiful sculptures date from early Egyptian through to late European. The following pieces are cast in 'white metal' and then bronze plated and hand finished to achieve the final patina (except where noted).

1. Mini Roman Duck Oil Lamp - This oil lamp is based on an original in the Naples Museum and the original was found in Pompeii. The body was hollow and the wick would have been inserted into the tail. 1 inch tall and 1 1/2 inches long - $7.50 (Item RA-MINRD)

2. Egyptian Coffin - Coffins in Egyptian times were highly decorated with inscriptions and representations of the gods, like Anubis, who would protect the dead on the journey to the next world. 2 3/8 inches long - $7.50 (Item RA-MUM1)

3. Anubis the Dog - This miniature is based on the sculpture found in King Tutankhamen's tomb. Anubis was the god of embalming rituals and adopted a human form with a dogs head. White metal painted in black and gold. 1 1/16 inches tall, 1 5/8 inches long - $10.00 (Item RA-E/ANU)

5. Egyptian Horus - Horus was the Egyptian sky god in the form of a falcon whose right eye was the sun and his left eye the moon. According to myth Horus' moon eye was damaged and healed by Thoth. 1 3/8 inches tall - $7.50 (Item RA-EHOR)

6. Mini Egyptian Cat - This bronze is of a cat sacred to the Egyptian goddess of love, fertility and joy. These cats were characteristically upright yet at rest, confident of their power and beauty. 1 7/16 inches tall - $7.50 (Item RA-MINCAT)

The following three items are cast in lead-free pewter and painted gold.

Golden Egyptians 9. Egyptian Standing Anubis - Anubis was god responsible for embalming and the protection of tombs. He was represented as a jackal-headed man or a crouching jackal. 2 1/4 inches tall - $10.00 (Item RA-MMEA)

10. Egyptian Standing Thoth - Thoth was god of the moon and wisdom. He was represented as an ibis-headed man or as a baboon, these being his sacred animals. As moon god Thoth was the god of reckoning and of learning in general. 2 1/2 inches tall - $10.00 (Item RA-MMET)

11. Egyptian Standing Horus - Horus was the sky god and was represented as a falcon-headed man. As the sky god the sun and the moon were his eyes and his wings stretched across the heavens. 2 1/16 inches tall - $10.00 (Item RA-MMEH)

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