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     The year 2009 was not a good one for us. Animal predation devastated our Calopogon beds. Next, the weather slammed us with tree and branch breaks which destroyed nearly all of our covered growing area. Lastly, our major supplier of rescued plants has not been able to provide us with plant material.

     How does that leave us? Basically, out of business.

     We are sorry to advise our many customers and potential customers that we will not be making any further plant sales. However, we can suggest that you contact the following firms for your needs.

     Raising Rarities, / OHPlants Delight Nursery, NC
     The Gardens at Post Hill, CT
     Hillside Nursery, MA
     Spangle Creek Labs, MN

     We thank all of our valued customers for their support over the years and wish you continued success with your growing of our wonderful native orchids!

Carson E. Whitlow

     P.S.   A new book has been published in German on hardy orchids and will be available in English in 2021. It is very good and I recommend it highly. I have read the English translation and look forward to its forthcoming English publication. For those interested in the German version, you may find it here:
"Erdorchideen: Naturschutz und Kultur im Garten" by Svante Malmgren and Irmin Vogler.

     In addition, I want to draw your attention to three other books:

     "The Gardenerís Guide to Hardy Perennial Orchids" by Bill Mathis. A valuable resouce on culture of hardy orchids.
     "Orchid Fever - A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust, and Lunacy" by Eric Hansen. Please click on the title and go to his informative page.
     "Orchid Territory" - a comic novel by Mary Motes! Described as "... full of humor and wicked comedy." Please click on the title for more information.

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