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Our Plant Sales Are Now Closed!
Our 2009 Sales will open on August 1, 2009.


All of our plants are available in relatively limited quantity with a "first come, first served" policy. It is anticipated that orders will be taken through September 15th, with shipping commencing shortly thereafter..

Prices for the plants reflect rarity, difficulty in seedling production, mortality on establishing them, initial costs, etc. All include appropriate cultural information, where available. Please note that all plants require a minimum 3 month (4 month is recommended) chilling period (vernalizing) of temperatures of 33-39°F, if maintained in pots. Cultural information may be found on most of the plants from our culture page.

To order, note the plant name, quantity, size and cost of each item desired (or use the printable order form). To the total for all items add $5.00 for shipping and handling. Iowa residents add 6% sales tax. Send check, money order, or VISA/MasterCard information (name on card, number and exp. date) for the total amount to:
Cyp. Haven
22957 - 280th Street
Adel, IA 50003-4491

Orders may be made easily by fax by printing out the printable order form and faxing it to (515) 309-2302. By e-mail, send the appropriate information to

Acknowledgement of your order is sent shortly after receipt, however, please note that no plants will be shipped until after late-September. Plants are subject to limited quantities and if we do not have enough to fill your order at shipping time, we will refund your money in full unless you specify partial order is acceptable.

At this time, we are not accepting Foreign orders.

Orders are shipped by Priority U. S. Mail. A flat rate is charged for packing/shipping as indicated above and on the order blank. Alternate shipping methods are at cost.

We guarantee safe delivery of plants. If plants arrive damaged, please notify us immediately by phone or email. If you are not satisfied with the plants, please advise us immediately for instructions on returning them. We have no control of how the plants are treated after shipping nor the growing conditions in which they are placed on receipt, therefore we limit our liability to 30 days following shipment of the plants.

(A) - seedlings just out of flask.
(B) - seedlings established out of flask.
(C) - established seedlings requiring two additional growing seasons before they can be expected to bloom.
(D) - established seedlings requiring one additional growing season before they can be expected to bloom.
(F) - blooming size seedlings which can be expected to bloom the next growing season.
(I) - new imports, mature plants but will probably loose their bloom.
(M) - divisions of mature plants which can be expected to bloom next growing season (however, due to transplant shock may not bloom).

A growing season is considered roughly April to October, or after the chilling period has been met (vernalized).


Cypripedium seedlings are quite small when they are removed from the flask. However, they grow rapidly, literally quadrupling in size annually. Some species are small even when mature, so size of seedling can be misleading. Seedlings are graded by age out of flask. Seedlings require a lot of special attention and are not recommended for the beginner with this genera.

We offer seedlings, fully aware that there will be some superior clones among them. As you know, in order to continue to produce hybrids, especially those with the potential of producing high quality offspring, selecting the finest clones of the species and hybrids as parents is essential. Though, ideally, we would like to bloom all of the seedlings before releasing them, in order to do this selection, we feel that those interested in the Cyps have waited patiently and long enough. We ask only that should any of your seedlings produce superior clones that you allow us the opportunity to acquire the first available division for our ongoing work. In this way, we all benefit. Thank you.

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