Carson has four major and one minor Power Point presentations which he gives at various orchid, garden, rock garden, and other society meetings. They are also good as keynotes for regional meetings. Some "tailoring" can be done for the meeting involved.
Presentations Available
by Carson E. Whitlow

"The World of Cypripediums"
       There are over 40 Cypripedium species in the world. This presentation covers most of those in North/Central America plus many of those from the rest of the world. Also shown are some of the hybrids which have been produced. This program is about 45 to 60 minutes in length. Time varies relative to questions asked.

"A History of Blue Cattleya Breeding"
       Carson's work with blue Cattleyas and Laelias in the 1960's laid the groundwork for many of todays hybridizing efforts. This presentation takes you through the breeding program, showing the parental stock used and some of the hybrids produced. The program is about 45 to 60 minutes in length. Time varies relative to questions asked.

"The Hybrid Potential of North American Native Orchid Species"
       The North American native orchid species are often considered as minor. Though the Cypripediums are perhaps the showiest members of the group, many of the smaller species in other genera have considerable potential in developing hardy, garden variety orchids with considerable beauty. The program is about 40 minutes long.
       This topic can also be a keynote address or other presentation when slides cannot be shown and the audience is somewhat familiar with both native and tropical species. It is 20 to 30 minutes in length under these conditions.

"An Orchid Expedition to Northern Manitoba, Canada"
       Ten species of orchids are found in the Churchill area of Manitoba. Nine were located on the expedition. However, three others were found on the trip North. In addition, a small excursion to view Baluga Whales involved chasing a Polar Bear! Interesting different program with wide appeal. It is approximately 45 minutes.

"The Arethusinae and Their Hybrids"
       Two species of Calopogon, Arethusa bulbosa, Eleorchis japonica, their hybrids and their simple culture are discussed in this program. "Fun Flowers", as they are called by the presenter, offer a nice variation on our hobby. This short program of about 15 minutes can be added to any of the others or as a stand alone short program, especially for beginner groups, etc.

Presentation Considerations
       There is no honorarium for any of the programs, however travel expenses are required. When driving, this averages out to roughly $50 per 100 miles distances from Des Moines, IA. His wife, Lorna, often accompanies him on these trips. If the trip requires an air travel, round trip coach air fare is required. (If he decides to drive, instead of flying, travel expense is figured based on air coach rates.) Lodging expense is likewise required, if he is not housed with a member of the Society or group (which is acceptable). For a bio, print out the Founder's page. The presentations are in a PowerPoint format and are presented with a computer and video projector. A screen is also needed.
       Plants for sale at the presentations are not available.
       Carson may be contacted at the address below, by phone at: (515) 993-4841, by fax (call first), or by e-mail at:
       While on a speaking tour, he can be reached by cell phone at: (515) 681-3287.

Carson E. Whitlow
22957 - 280th Street
Adel, IA 50003-4491

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