Registered Arethusa/Calopogon/Eleorchis
   and Intergeneric Hybrids

Arethusa (Aret.)
bulbosa (species)
x Cpg. tuberosus = Clts. Poet's Song
x Elo. japonica = Elsa. Trudy

Caloarethusa (Clts.)
Clts. Poet's Song (Cpg. tuberosus x Aret. bulbosa) R. Yannetti 1990
x Elo. japonica = Ecth. Diana Yannetti

Calopogon (Cpg.)
Adventure (tuberosus x pallidus) C. Whitlow 1991
x tuberosus = Queenie
Fluffy (tuberosus x multiflorus) C. Whitlow 2003
multiflorus (species)
x tuberosus = Fluffy
pallidus (species)
x tuberosus = Adventure
Queenie (tuberosus x Adventure) C. Whitlow 1996
tuberosus (species)
x Aret. bulbosa = Clts. Poet's Song
x Adventure = Queenie
x multiflorus = Fluffy
x pallidus = Adventure
x Elo. japonica = Elp. Carson Whitlow

Elearethusa (Elsa.)
Trudy (Elo. japonica x Aret. bulbosa) R. Yannetti 1994

Elecalthusa (Ecth.)
Diana Yannetti (Clts. Poet's Song x Elo. japonica) R. Yannetti 1995

Eleorchis (Elo.)
japonica (species)
x Aret. bulbosa = Elsa. Trudy
x Clts. Poet's Song = Ecth. Diana Yannetti
x Cpg. tuberosus = Elp. Carson Whitlow

Elepogon (Elp.)
Carson Whitlow (Elo. japonica x Cpg. tuberosus) R. Yannetti 1993

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