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Soil media: "Q-Mix" (1 part loam soil, 2 parts gritty sand, 2 parts fine fir bark, 1 part shredded leaves). Silica sand may be substituted for the gritty sand, and up to one third of the sand portion may be perlite. Mulch with shredded leaves. In pots, coarse vermiculite may be used, and is recommended for seedlings.

Light conditions: light shade to high open shade (70% shade cloth is satifactory).

Moisture requirements: keep soil damp at all times, but not wet. They need more moisture in early spring when they begin growth. Must be well drained.

Fertilizing: general all-purpose fertilizer at 10-25% strength recommended for pot plants. Apply every three or four weeks up to mid-July. Flush media with water before next application.

Planting: plant with growth bud covered. Roots should be spread out flat with the tips slightly downward.

Hardiness: hardy in beds, but tend to come up quickly in spring, occasionally suffering frost damage. Mulching is recommended. In pot, four months of artificial cooling is recommended, though three is most often sufficient. Artificial cooling can be readily achieved by placing pot in plastic bag and placed in the crisper of the refrigerator for the required time.


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