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While we were in England, we saw the lovely crown jewels, the wonderful gowns and other royal fittings. We also saw some of them in miniature. The items below come in Souvenir Quality and Collector Quality . The Souvenir Quality contain jeweled major stones with the smaller stones simulated. The Collector Quality are fully jeweled. All are one inch scale.

More information on the Crown Jewels can be found here,
which is a part of The Official Site of the British Monarchy.

The Crown Jewels of England! Three Piece Crown Jewels

This Souvenir Set contains St. Edward's Crown (gold), the Imperial State Crown (silver) and the Sovereign's Sceptre in a protective plastic box. One of the best English souvenirs! But the best part is that they are in 1 inch to 12 inch scale! Price for the set is $35.00 (Item CRUKSS1) St. Edward's Crown (Item CRUKS1) and the Imperial State Crown (Item CRUKS2) are contained in the set above, but are also available alone. They are approximately 1 5/16" (33 mm) tall and 1¼" (32 mm) in diameter. Price is $15.00 each (souvenir editions).
(Click here for the grand 7 Piece Coronation Set.)

Collector's Quality

Prince of Wales Crown of 1911Prince of Wales Crown of 1911
This unusual coronet, known as a "chaplet," was made for Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor) - for his investiture as Prince of Wales, at Caernarvon Castle in Wales in 1911. The orignal is designed with daffodils and roses and is set with pearls and amethyst. This 1" scale piece fits nicely on dolls of this scale. 5/16" (7 mm) tall, 3/4" (20 mm) in diameter. Price is $24.00 (Item CRUKC22)

Queen Victoria's Small Crown Queen Victoria's Small Crown
In 1870, Queen Victoria, finding the Imperial State Crown too heavy, designed and commissioned this delightful small, Tudor style crown to be made, using diamonds from her personal collection. Many portraits and sculptures show her wearing it high on her bun hairstyle. 5/8" (15 mm) tall and 1/2" (12 mm) in diameter. Price $24.00 (Item CRUKC7)
Ampulla and Spoon

Ampulla and Spoon
Two other notable pieces of the coronation ceremony are the Ampulla and
the Spoon. The Ampulla contains holy oil, poured from the beak of the
eagle into the coronation spoon, to be applied to the new Sovereign's
head, breast and palms, the most solemn moment of the ceremony.
Price $18.00 (Item CRUKC10)

Crown of Scotland and Scottish Sword of State
Scottish SwordScottish CrownThe Crown of Scotland is
relatively simple, measuring
1 1/8" (28 mm) tall and ¾"
(18 mm) in diameter. It is one
of the oldest of the Crown
Jewels, dating back to before
1540. Price is $30.00 (Item CRUKC12).
The Scottish Sword of State comes with Scabbard
(but cannot be placed in it). It is 4½" (114 mm)
long. Price is $25.00 (Item CRUKC14).

Bavarian State Sword
The Bavaria State Sword is 3" (80 mm) long. Price is $18.00 (Item CR-28069)

Below are a few Collector Sets which are truly beautiful. All are one inch scale.

The 7 Piece Coronation Set
The epitome of the Collectors Sets, this set contains St. Edward's Crown, the Imperial State Crown, the Sovereign's Sceptre, the Sovereign's Orb, the two Commonwealth Bracelets, and the Sovereign's Coronation Ring. A "must" for the collector. Price: $125.00 (Item CRUKCS1/7)

The 7 Piece Coronation Set

The Honors of Scotland Set
The Crown of Scotland and the Scottish Sword and Scabbard are describes above. The Scottish Sceptre is 2 3/4" (70 mm) long. It has a hexagon shaft, surmounted with three figures supporting a crystal balit. It was reportadly a Papal gift to James IV in 1494. The price for the set is $50.00 (Item CR28033).

The Historic Prince of Wales Set
This set features the three Prince of Wales crowns from1728 to 1911. The 1728 crown was made of silver-gilt for Prince Frederick Louis, son of King George II. The 1901 crown was made of gold for King George V to wear as Prince of Wales at his fathers coronation in 1901. The 1911 crown is described more fully above.

* Information on the Crown Jewels is provided by Crowns & Regalia, Ltd., London

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