Articles & Reference Materials

A lot of material has been written about the CRV cars and the Piranha. The major portion centered on the Piranha Dragster. The list below includes magazine articles and references to the projects that I have located. If you know of others, please contact me at

Motor Trend, September 1965: CRV-I photo and paragraph

Motor Trend, January 1966: CRV-II photo and paragraph

Hot Rod, February 1966: CRV-II racing in competition, page 90

Car Craft, August 1966: Announcement of Piranha Dragster venture, page 12

Car & Driver, September 1966: CRV-I photo and paragraph, page 81

Hot Rod, September 1966: Piranha Dragster, pages 52-53

Popular Hot Rodding, September 1966: Piranha Dragster, pages 62-65, 94-95

Rod & Custom, October 1966: Great article on the Piranha Dragster, pages 18-23

Car Craft, October 1966: Nice article on Piranha Dragster, pages 51-52 & 82

Car Life, October 1966: Piranha Dragster with photo of CRV-V, pages 78-80

Hi-Performance CARS, October 1966: Piranha Dragster, pages 39-40, 80-81

Hot Rod, November 1966: Piranha Dragster, pages 50-51

Super Stock, December 1966: Piranha Dragster, pages 44-45

Motor Trend, July 1967: Road test of AMT Piranha production car, pages 26-27

Model Car Science, July 1967: Building the Piranha Dragster model, pages 21-23

Automobile Quarterly, June 1967, Vol. 5, No. 4: Story of AMT Piranha, pages 410-411

Road & Track, August 1967: Photo of Dick Carbajal's Piranha racer, page 98

Model Car Science, August 1967: Detailing Man from UNCLE car

Motor Trend, April 1968: AMT Piranha, article on low production cars, pages 50-51

Sports Car Graphic, April 1968: Photo of Dick Carbajal's Piranha racer, page 67

STARLOG, #53, Dec. 1981: Gene Winfield, UNCLE car & Piranha, pages 26-29, 64

The Man from UNCLE Book by Jon Heitland, 1987: The UNCLE car, pages 148-150

KIT CAR, May 1986: Interview with Gene Winfield, Piranha & UNCLE car

Car Collector, May 1988: "TV & Movie Cars" includes UNCLE car, pages 21-21

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