Dann Deaver's 1967 AMT Piranha

The late Dann Deaver was involved with the CRV project from it's very conception and is credited as being the designer of the CRV and Piranha body. He also worked with AMT after they acquired the rights to produce the car and was involved with the U.N.C.L.E. car modifications. He continued to work with Marbon Chemical with their next step towards a plastic car called "Formacar."

Below are some photos of Dann's Piranha which he acquired in early 1988. He stated in a note to a friend that this is car #6 of 13 cars built. The car remains in the Deaver family today.

The photo above shows the lack of a vertical divider in the grille area. The engine grilles incorporated from an early Porsche can be seen in the engine cover in the background.

This photo of the interior shows the door hinge, door latching knob, and the chrome slot used to secure the upper part of the doors.

The photo above shows the black painted roof, the engine compartment, engine lid hinge, and the lower taillight panel. This panel was fiberglass and attached to the plastic body. It included a license plate area and later model Corvair taillights.

Here is a closer shot of the interior which shows the gauge layout, woodgrain dash, radio, and Hertz shifter. The upper door panels have been removed and stored elsewhere.

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