Bruce Jones' CRV/Piranha

In 1990, Bruce Jones was showing his Kelmark GT at a local car show in Michigan when a passing gentleman asked him if he would be interested in purchasing another "kit" car. What the man had for sale was CRV/Piranha that was in need of restoration.

It is believed that the car is one of the Marbon Chemical CRV prototypes made by Centaur Engineering and may have been campaigned as a race car. Two CRV's were reportedly sold in Michigan at a Centaur Engineering auction and this may well be one of those two cars.

When Bruce went to see the car, what he found was a complete, rolling chassis with some minor damage to the driver's side door sill. Included with the chassis was a new, untrimmed two-piece plastic body shell. The original body had been stripped from the car and apparently discarded. Also included were a hood, trunk lid, headlights buckets, a roof, Corvair engine and transmission, doors and upper door panels, and lots of other goodies.

Bruce soon purchased the car and has stored it in his shop for the past 11 years. This year he decided to start restoring the little car. The chassis was disassembled completely and all fiberglass parts cleaned & sanded, and the damaged driver's doorsill repaired. Then a coat of primer and black paint was applied over the entire surface. Work then proceeded on the body. The openings were cut for the gas cap, headlights, and rear air ducts (as appeared on the first CRV). Still to cut are the openings for the doors and engine cover.

Since Bruce is six-feet tall, he currently plans to make his CRV/Piranha a roadster and is searching for a racing windscreen for the car.

Although work is progressing on the car, Bruce's CRV/Piranha is FOR SALE. If you are interested, please email me for further information. GOOD LUCK Bruce!

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