Cattleya Sea Breeze
July 15, 2014

The original Cattleya Sea Breeze hybrid was pollenated on July 6, 1966, at Fred A. Stewart Orchids, San Gabriel, California. The pod parent was Cattleya warneri var. coerulea 'Miranda' (later to receive a FCC/AOS). The pollen parent was Cattleya walkeriana var. nobilior fma. coerulea (later to be considered as Cattleya nobilior var. coerulea). The pod was harvested for green pod culture at six months. Plants were grown on by Stewart's under their number 1343 and the hybrid was registered by them with the parents Cattleya warneri x Cattleya walkeriana in 1972.

One clone of the original cross, 'Blue Ribbon', was shown by Stewart's in 1979 and received an HCC from the AOS. It was later shown by the Duffin's in 2006 and awarded an AM/AOS. It is commonly available as divisions and mericlones.

Another well-known clone of the original cross, 'Fellrath's Pride', has been mericloned and is likewise available.

On June 11, 2012, the original Cattleya warneri was pollenated with Cattleya walkeriana var. coerulea 'Edward'. The pollen was provided by Al Nakaji from Hawaii. Since, seedlings in flasks have been available and may be on the market in the relatively near future. Where the previous hybrid often has two leaves per pseudobulb, this one will have only one. Color in the lip should be better, and shape a little rounder. They may be a little more difficult to grow.

While this new hybrid will be named Cattleya Sea Breeze because of the registration, it will be a uniquely different one. Cattleya nobilior was considered a variety of Cattleya walkeriana and at registration varieties were not considered. I am thinking of registering the hybrid of Cattleya warneri x Cattleya nobilior as something else which would then be the true name for the 1966, previously named Cattleya Sea Breeze. This would not cause anymore confusion than that already being caused by the taxonomist messing with the genera names of the Cattleya alliance currently.

July 22, 2014

The registration for Cattleya warneri x Cattleya nobilior has been accepted by the RHS. This hybrid is now called Cattleya Sea Siren.

Carson E. Whitlow, original hybridizer of Cattleya Sea Breeze

Cattleya warneri var. coerulea 'Miranda' FCC/AOS
(photo from old slide)

Cattleya walkeriana var. nobilior fma. coerulea
(Cattleya nobilior var. coerulea)
(photo from old slide)

Cattleya Sea Breeze 'Blue Ribbon' AM/AOS
(or "Cattleya Sea Siren 'Blue Ribbon' AM/AOS")
Updated May 8, 2018