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Soil media: a mix of one fourth garden compost and one fourth milled sphagnum, one half course builders sand. Mulch with decayed wood chips. Good drainage is the most important aspect to remember. Soil PH: should be slightly acid. (Seedling size fir bark is also an acceptable media. - CEW)

Light conditions: filtered light for all species. They cannot tolerate direct sun light as this burns the leaves.

Moisture requirements: keep the plants evenly moist during the active growing season from midspring thru late fall.

Fertilizing: use one quarter strength 30-10-10 twice a year in early spring and again in late summer.

Planting: prepare a planting site preferably under hardwood trees. Dig out the existing soil 8-12" deep add the above soil preparation. place the rhizome just below the surface with the crown of the plant slightly resting on the top of the surface. In the fall cover with hardwood leaves 1/2"-1" deep. they will come out from under the leaf cover on their own in the spring.

Hardiness: these plants are very hardy and adapt themselves to pot culture quite easily. They do need a cool rest of at least two months with temperatures between thirty-five and forty-five degrees.


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